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Wolfcat: Rising Sun

Paperback and eBook Available Now!
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Sam's Story

Samuel was born in St. Albert, Alberta. He moved around the area before settling in North Edmonton with his precious fur baby, Spero. In 2020, Samuel came out as transgender.

For as long as he can remember, Sam's been writing, but it wasn’t until his first year of high school that he decided to pursue writing professionally. Sam’s interest revolves primarily around fantasy involving animals, magic, and medieval themes, but he is also quite fond of thrillers, mysteries, and the occasional horror.

After seven years of writing, Sam came out with his first published novel ‘Terenmoro – Wolfcat: Rising Sun’ which is the first installment of the Wolfcat trilogy.

Outside writing, Sam aspires to assist his community by pursuing a career in policing.

Wolfcat trilogy

Rising Sun

Fading Light

Hidden Dawn

My Books

"I highly enjoyed this book and devoured it in no time. From the first chapter I felt like I'd been transported into this world. The description of the characters and environments put me right there with them. I loved how the author could create a cold and desolate place into somewhere beautiful. At the end of each chapter I was left wanting more. I highly recommend this book and I can't wait to find out what happens next." - Jael (Terenmoro Wolfcat: Rising Sun)

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