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Rising Sun

'Your clan judges you by your fur with a story judged by action.'

At only three moons of age, Hasefi, a young lynx, witnesses the ambush and annihilation of her tribe by a rogue wolfpack led by the black wolf, Sal. Hasefi is left to finish her tribe's quest alone, but first she must face the harsh wilderness and its trials. Along the way, help comes from an unlikely companion, a lone wolf named Kolahn, and Hasefi is forced to decide what is important to her. Her tribe's quest? Revenge for their deaths? Or the hopes of her new friend?

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Fading Light

Whatever happens tomorrow, whatever blood is spilled, is on my paws.

After Hasefi, a young lynx, meets her father and finds the homeland of her kind, she finds herself divided between rescuing her best friend, a wolf named Kolahn, and adapting to life among the lynxes her dead tribe came from. New friends enter Hasefi's life and she begins to discover a path that had denied her before. But an old darkness casts its shadow upon her once again. Torn between heart and home, Hasefi must make a decision. Will she save Kolahn before it's too late? Or will she remain with her newly discovered family and friends to aid them in facing the shadows of her past?

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Hidden Dawn

Stay tuned for the third and final installment of the Wolfcat trilogy!

Coming Soon
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